Hale & Associates: Why we love our community

Why We Love Our Community

Based in Fairbanks, Alaska, the Hale & Associates Insurance Bonding and Consulting firm serves as a premium commercial insurance agency in this scenic region. We want customers to know why we love our community! Although we maintain a license in every state in the United States, we draw daily inspiration and joy from our roots in Alaska. 

Ten Excellent Reasons to Love Fairbanks


Why does our commercial Alaska insurance company celebrate The Last Frontier? Just consider ten great reasons to savor daily life here: 

1. Warm, friendly people live in Fairbanks! 

2. Fairbanks hosts an important campus of the acclaimed University of Alaska. 

3. This lovely city maintains a close association with aviation: it produced the state’s first commercial airline company back in 1923.(1) 

4. Residents of this hardy northern location adjust to extreme variations in daylight over the course of any given year. 

5. The diverse local population includes people of virtually every ethnicity, age, and background; you’ll meet many fascinating individuals here! 

6. We watch the Northern Lights illuminating the night sky nearly 200 days during the year. 

7. Our city’s population maintains a vigorous outdoor lifestyle, close to the beauty of Alaska’s lovely wilderness. 

8. This location supplies one of the best venues on Earth for the fine art of ice carving! 

9. Our lovely city serves as a gateway to more northerly locations in our state, offering a welcoming hub for visitors, tourists, and other travelers. 

10. Business leaders in this community have accepted our company with open arms; over time, many enterprises have come to rely upon us as their trusted source for Alaska insurance services.(2) 

Available to Serve Your Business

Whenever your company requires commercial insurance, surety bonding or consulting services, contact Hale & Associates insurance agency at 1-800-570-6671. We look forward to assisting you!

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